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We help our clients to improve the promotion in the points of sale with the aid of the design. We specialize in the POP design and In Store Means including complex solution not only of points of sale.

The mission of the POP material is mainly to inform, to remind of and to convince. Prevailing per cent of final decisions about purchase of a particular product is realized in the point of sale. The consumer devotes only a few seconds to each kind of goods (impulse purchase), therefore the basic success of POP materials is based not only on their correct installation on selected places and on their quantity, but first of all on their DESIGN.

We can provide complete realization of the selected design, it means we can secure the whole process from the very project of the design, through its development and production, up to the installation.

If you are interested in our activities in more details, we will be pleased to provide you reference projects on request.